10 ways to celebrate holidays

Are you planning a party this year? The list of guests, invitations, holidays and date of the event are clear, determine the type of party is the largest task. Celebrating winter holidays is a common tradition in which most people like to participate, regardless of their religious affiliation. The meeting, be it with family, friends or co-workers, is probably the most important part of the holiday season. When people can not agree on religion or politics, they always agree to savor the good company of the other. So fill a glass and propose a toast to the holiday in one of these 10 fantastic ways!

Holiday Bash (Shindig, or Jamboree): Casual and fun, this holiday is perfect for the ugly Christmas sweater dress with jeans and comfort, and of course a cup of cider. It’s all about having a blast! Gather as much or as little with fun decorations and cheerful melodies. Everything happens and the menu is flexible.
Open house of the day: Come in a relaxed atmosphere. There is no major kitchen, just light up the heavy snacks and a couple of SIP drinks. The conversation is the order of the day! Expect guests to leave and leave, feeling each time forced to stay or leave. Visiting one with the other is the most important aspect of this holiday.
Soiree on vacation: dress, dance, and be ready to mix and shake. This festival has an aura of elegance and allows you to show your best face. Decorations should reflect the grace of the atmosphere and the formal setting.
Cocktail: Cocktail suit is a must! An ideal holiday for the office, you should go out and enjoy the holiday season without letting it too loose (before the boss). Drinks and snacks are the perfect menu, with a place for a bit of a candy vacation. Traditional holiday music and plenty of room to gather in groups for non-work related conversations.
Festive dinner: organize an intimate evening with your closest friends for dinner. Cook and eat together in an environment that suits you exactly. A perfect choice for a small group, this festival allows everyone to contribute a bit to the night. Clothing and the menu are preferred, and an evening of games, movies or conversations depends on your discretion.
Holiday Gift Exchange: Celebrate the season without breaking the bank and running on energy. Exchange gifts with your family, friends or co-workers during an exchange of ideas. White Elephant, Secret Santa, or any other method you prefer! This festival refers to the fun and excitement of gift exchange, so make sure that the feeling and entertainment correspond accordingly.
Holiday Cookie Sharing: Bring a couple dozen cookies and a recipe for everyone to share. Divide the cache and cookies enjoy a unique vacation throughout the season! Your palate thank you later. In general, during the day, this festival is designed to facilitate the celebration of parties so enjoyable. Make sure everyone understands the rules.
Change ornament holiday: the most colorful, the most unique or the most elegant you can find! This festival is a great way to share a little with your family while keeping the mood light and strong theme.
Holiday Luncheon: Light it up and plan a day of celebration instead of an evening event. Lunch break for chicken and hot chocolate, mimosas and sticky buns. The lunch suit can be semi-formal or casual depending on the location.
Holiday tea: tea and coffee with mint yolk! Be sure to include some sweet and savory biscuits to snack on while enjoying delicious flavors and tea-flavored holiday seasonings. Organize a party at your home or at a local tea house. Chit-chat the afternoon with this tasty break with the everyday tradition.