Planning a Picnic Company

When planning a company picnic, as in planning a special event, answer the questions “who, what, when, where?


Work meals are designed to be outdoor fun events, which allow company employees and their families to mix and mingle socially in a relaxed atmosphere. From a commercial point of view, the field day is a service award and, most importantly, a team building event. The field day should be structured to encourage employees of all ages to assist their families. For some age groups, that will be a challenge for others. Teenage parents will have a harder time convincing their kids to go to a company picnic, unless parents can explain to their teens how entertainment at the event are fresh and they deserve to be seen.

If the company has less than 45 employees, it will be difficult to have a picnic. The typical attendance rate is 40% to 50%. This allows those who can not participate due to competing family or social commitments, vacations, etc. If only 25 employees participate in a picnic, including the spouses, it becomes difficult to organize games and develop a group dynamic.

Attendance corporate picnics declined in recent years. For new Canadians, a company picnic is unknown and can be intimidating. To get more sedentary picnic employee can be the same old and boring. Therefore, to be successful, the picnic should be carefully planned and designed to appeal to different ages and backgrounds. Few committees have the experience necessary to succeed without outside help and a responsible budget.

If the company has more than one plant that has its own picnic, take care of organizing an event of the magnitude of the company. An independent communication team must be established to coordinate the new picnic of each factory and receive feedback. If a plant is planning is the annual summer closure along with the picnic, some employees of this place will be present. Priority judgment about the picnic, so be prepared to reschedule the picnic.