Many people are not clear about the travel industry. Travel agents are often considered as real estate agents. Becoming a travel agent or more specifically a travel agent at home is an interesting career change or retirement option. Some people do it full time, while many of them are part time.

A travel agent book a trip for clients and is paid by the providers to a commission on booking. For reservations that providers do not pay a commission, a travel agent may also charge the customer a service fee for their time. An example is that if you want to book a hotel for a customer, the hotel will send a check to the agency after the customer has been removed. Most hotels pay 10% of the hotel price before taxes and fees. A hotel reservation would mean $ 100 per night $ 10 a night for the travel agency that made the reservation. This hotel would cost the same if the customer uses a travel agent or books through the hotel directly. In many cases, the travel agent can get a better price. It costs nothing to customers to use the travel agency unless the travel agent does not pay the service charge.

Can anyone do this? To work with suppliers, you must have an account with the provider. Most require an organism to maintain an IATAN, CLIA or ARC. IATAN stands for Airlines Travel Agent International Network. CLIA stands for International Airline Association. ARC stands for Airline Reporting Corporation. Each of these belongings requires different things, including sales, money in the bank, experience or training in industry and membership fee. Many will require Errors and Omissions insurance of $ 1 million or more.

For the average travel agent, membership is not possible with some organizations so the agent is associated with an agency and functions as an independent agent or outside agent. There are also advantages to working with an agency because most travel agencies can not produce enough sales with a particular provider for higher commission and premium levels. Working with an agency with many agents can increase the percentages of the commissions the agent gets because of the set sales of all agency workers. Support is also very important to be a successful agent. Agents that do not work with others tend to feel more isolated and have to learn to do everything by themselves. Since no agent can have the experience of being everywhere or staying in each hotel or hotel, it is very useful to have other people, you can get advice.