Ads are here to stay

Everyone knows what commercials, but not necessarily everyone recognizes that they see everyone as such. Ads are messages intended primarily to generate sales of products or services. However, they are also used for other purposes than to get a direct response to the consumer like this. They are also used to create and enhance brand identity and promote customer loyalty.

You can use any type of media, including print (newspapers, magazines and through the placement of subtle products, even books), media such as radio and television, outdoor media (panels panels Of visualization, etc.), web and other new means of communication. They even come in video games, movie trailers (and movies through product placement, a regular on television). With so many media opportunities, consumers are sometimes exposed to advertisements without even knowing it!

Advertising has been with us for thousands of years; For almost as long as people engage in trading, traders use various means to promote the sale of their products and services. Of course, the ads have changed since their departure, but their purpose was constant.

The first known announcements go back to ancient Egypt; The practice of promoting your goods spreads quickly, with merchants in Egypt, Greece and other contemporary civilizations using papyrus to create posters. The ancient Romans invented political advertisements with cave paintings that are used to encourage voters to support a particular candidate. Print advertising has quickly become the media of choice, something that has remained the same until the 1920s when commercials entered the modern era with the advent of commercial radio.