Advertising in aerial banners has a greater exposure than billboards, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Choosing the type of ad is to find the ad that earns the highest exposure rate. Exposure is essential for everyone. The exposure is equivalent to sales and higher profits. For professional entrepreneurship, it is “necessary” if they want to stay in business and retain a solid financially strong company.

In the business world, advertising is a major expense. Typically, the type of advertising is based on the financial budget. Many opt for cheaper advertising without thinking of exposure to advertising. Limit of cheap advertising of high exposure. The price does not always mean that it is the best offer. The search is to find an ad with a high exposure at a reasonable price.

There are different ways to advertise. Typical forms of advertising are newspapers or magazines. Unless these items are purchased, exposure is limited. The exposure of these elements depending on the traffic and the demands of the subscribers. Everyone does not read the newspaper or a magazine, where advertising is placed. Due to the ease of the Internet and online readers, subscriptions have been significantly reduced in recent years. Therefore, newspapers or magazines advertising is not as beneficial or profitable.

Billboards are another form of advertising, but the cost is greater than the actual benefit of the message is presented. The cost of graphic advertising is expensive. The exposure is limited to the area of ​​the display panel. With the limited amount of exposure, billboard advertising is not beneficial or profitable.

Ads placed on taxis or on the sides of buses are another form of advertising. This is also limited to vehicle areas. Limit the exposure of missed ads to the selected scroll region.