Are you an addict opportunity?

First, we can define the term drug addiction as “dependence on a substance or practice that is beyond voluntary control”.

For some people, this may not be evident in our coaching practice have had clients struggling with this particular addiction. The question will be: how to become an addict opportunity? People usually start just chasing the business that end up giving them financial freedom, and they start jumping from one opportunity to another without even noticing it. Soon become addicted to pursue a dream that will become a nightmare for them and in some cases their families.

You will now ask what is wrong in the search for new opportunities and after a dream ?. Please do not misunderstand me here: to pursue dreams and goals (and achieve), are behaviors that coaches all want to go to, but let’s be clear that all dreams are realistic or positive for you.

What is another person’s dream could cause problems for you, and fun for others it is just a matter of achieving our goals knowing that we have the right tools and have knowledge about the right way to Use them to our advantage.

Are you going to dig a whole with a hammer? This is what many people do not even know, our job as a coach is to change the best shovel hammer available. Many of us, like a child, dreamed of going to the moon one day, but we all dream of succeeding him?

I’m talking about addiction is that when people go after an agreement to invest again and again not only time, but money and energy without results.

Of course, many of these “offers” could be helpful if you put enough time and effort, if not some money, to see them work; But the people I’m talking about are those who jump from one accord to another thought that’s right … until there’s a new opportunity. Therefore, at the end of the day, the “opportunity addict” is distracted by a new incredible deal and never goes all the way with one of them.

In the example I saw people wasting large amounts of money in the business phone, then jump on nutrition and health (waiting for telecommunications to work somehow), invest in a new product “Fantastic” that will help the entire planet, save energy and get cleaner air, buy newer and safer devices to protect them from unhealthy mobile microwave safety (which, of course, everyone Will be happy to have), etc … but all these offers actually work and give them financial freedom? Or is it just an illusion? Having a lot of business does not mean they are productive or ever.

Now how could I recognize if you, a life partner or a friend is a “junkie opportunity”?

Well, here are some tips that could serve as a guide: In less than a year have changed the direction of business more than 4 times (not to mention his regular work) are afraid to say “no” and perhaps risk To lose the “business of a lifetime,” they say “yes” and try to manage as much as possible without even noticing it. They have a huge amount of projects going on at the same time. They are so busy between one project and the other with a sense of overwhelming and small, or not at all, time for family and friends … or even themselves.

Maybe you’ve already recognized someone here to meet someone who is meeting some or all of these features and wondering what to do. You send this article to them, help them visualize how much they invested in all these small businesses (not just money) and compare it with the amount you’ve earned (in cash).