Beach Adventure Holidays – Cape Town’s Most Beautiful Beaches

The Western Cape has developed a reputation for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Cape Town has an incredible variety of different environments, marine life and beautifully maintained beaches are part of the coastline a favorite among local and international tourists for an adventure holiday on the beach.

The cold Atlantic Ocean meets the hot Indian Ocean along the coastal whale (called because of the southern whales that migrate to these waters in the spring to breed and give birth) which creates an unusual marine ecosystem. A diverse population of marine animals makes the famous Cape Coast by mixing creatures associated with cold and warm seas. Penguins, great white sharks, southern whales, sea lions cap and other creatures make these water home.

Various beaches are favored and frequented for different reasons. Some beaches offer a long stretch of soft sand, ideal for long walks along the coast; Others are located between amazing scenery and picturesque mountains and jagged coves. For young and fashionable there are beaches with a vibrant social environment, while others are in distant places, away from the hectic life in the cities.

The best beach for whale watching

City Pearly Beach in Walker Bay has a beach of the same name. The beginning of the beach begins with rock pools where fishermen capture different fish and crustaceans. However, after the rock pools the beach turns into a long stretch of silver sand is an ideal place for long walks.

Long walks along Pearly Beach are complemented by probably the best whale watching spot on earth. In the spring, southern whales are visible from the beach, doing various acrobatic and playful acts such as Lob-tailing, tail and striking “sail” which involves lifting its tail to allow the wind to travel. These playful behaviors are easily observable from the beach and are the perfect complement to a long walk to the beach a truly magnificent one.

Dyer Island is very close to the beach and Pearly is a privileged area to discover the great white sharks, sea lions and the Cape of African penguins, whether on a boat cruise or shark dive. This exciting sport consists of observing the great white sharks in their natural habitat within the safety of a cage connected to the rental of boats. Pearly Beach is also a short distance from De Kelders, a magnificent set of caves on the sea.

The best family beach

Hermanus has a variety of beaches, but Grotte Beach is one with a difference: It is the largest beach of Hermanus and extends for miles. This makes Grotto Beach an ideal place for families to find a spacious place to relax on the sand. There is braai (barbecue), ample parking and a large playground and beach for the whole family, including dogs, to have fun.