How to Benefit Widely from the Failure of the Travel Agent Industry

Contrary to what might be thought, the tragic events of 911 and the subsequent “war on terrorism” did not prevent people from traveling. In fact, travel demand has increased, mainly due to the growing number of retiring baby boomers who like to travel. Now the tourism industry generates an annual income of more than 6 trillion dollars. However, despite this huge growth, the business model of conventional travel agencies was failing miserably, and this is an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy wholesale travel marketing generously directly to the public. Here is why.

The key activity of travel agents was their ability to obtain exclusive information to book their trip. They had information that the general public could not get. In the past, if you want to book a trip, you would use a travel agent who would have access to the information through private computer systems like PARS, Sable and Apollo, and then transmit that information. We will use this information to obtain the best travel plans possible based on our budget and our calendar. The Internet has radically changed the situation.

Through the Internet, the general public can now access information previously not accessible by travel agents. Now everyone uses the websites of the airline directly to book flights and accommodation. In addition to this, there are sophisticated travel search portals like Priceline, Travelocity and Expedia that access to huge databases of travel service providers to offer travel services at an attractive price to the public. The competition for travel money is extremely fierce.