Are the benefits of Internet small travel agencies?

Yes, of course, but by far what should it?

When you think of the number of websites and travel directories available to travelers, they think it is a free world of normal business conventions, but unfortunately, it is often limited by restrictions that travelers would not appreciate. The price of travel is one of the conventions that are not yet completely free of restrictions and is understandable, due to distribution considerations.

Travel companies that use traditional distribution channels to sell their products should allow commissions to be paid to different levels of intermediaries, tour operators, wholesalers and retailers, all of whom should have a percentage for their efforts to help travel and product services Reach the consumer.

The websites, however, reach out to consumers and allow them directly to book directly with travel providers, but they can still incur the costs attributed to these intermediaries. But to put a two-tier pricing for each product, agents could prevent the products from representing so they had to find a new way. This is where TopTravelSites intervened with their new service developed by the travel provider who wants to follow their traditional supply chain but also to encourage travelers to adjust to make their own arrangements directly with suppliers and not having no need of agency services Of travel, just internet.

The service called TopTravelVouchers offers travelers a “reasonable price” on direct bookings, but the provider still incurs the cost of the commission.

This new pricing format is obtained by the travel operator who provides a good change of marketing, promotion and issuance of travelers directly to their websites to make their reservations. The good is sold to travelers at very low prices to their cash values, allowing the traveler to be a beneficiary of a “near the net” price for the package or travel service. The operator of TopTravelVouchers not the normal costs attributable to retail and retail agents in stores, booking systems, brochures and high effective and can encourage travelers to book directly with customers and save their pricing efforts. This is in fact a travel agent who does not sell trips, only travel vouchers, which will be used for travel purchased from the travel companies involved in the service.