Benefits of live diet

The most natural and healthy to ensure that our bodies get all the nutrients we need is to enjoy a mostly raw diet. Our bodies were built to convert natural and fresh foods into energy with ease. A food nutrition plan live (or simply increase the amount of raw food you consume every day) not only help achieve natural weight loss but also improve natural energy (no energy drinks or caffeine is needed) and Providing more oxygen to the cells work properly, which helps prevent many diseases and cancers.

The concepts behind a raw food diet is based on the use of a nutritional plan that includes at least 75% raw or live foods. Now I know that some people go a little overboard and eat 100% raw diets, but there are vegetables that are actually more nutritious dense after warming up! So take advantage of raw foods, but do not be afraid to have cooked foods.

Another component of this type of food is to remove all processed foods from your diet. If the food is going to be treated in a certain way, you should treat yourself.

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are an essential part of most nutritional raw diets. By doing it yourself, you keep your food healthy and natural without a lot of unnecessary vitamin additives.

The foods that make up most of this type of diet are fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, raw nuts, raw seeds, raw grains, nuts and fresh juices and purified water.

Why should you increase raw foods in your diet?

This can be suspiciously felt to a vegetarian diet as it is at its core. Vegetarian diets promote the provision of food in its most natural state while eliminating most if not all products of animal origin. Come on, a live diet and a vegetarian diet go hand in hand, because animal products are processed, cooked, or both.