Best of Janes – Take a Vacation

Business owners should consider their individual needs and desires when planning a vacation. These needs and desires vary in finances, habits, attitudes and characteristics. However, several considerations should be common to all types of business owners, regardless of the situation. This article will outline these considerations and provide tips to fully address before the holidays, so time lost actually offers rest and relaxation.

1. Plan, plan, plan. From holiday or retirement planning to a company’s “quiet” season to create a contingency plan if the contact of a team member is absolutely critical, entrepreneurs find they can more easily amuse themselves if they have carefully planned All aspects of rest and relaxation in terms of their business.
– Decide on availability. If availability is not an option, provide team members with written instructions on exactly what to do during the holiday and delegated authority decision of a specific person. Always provide emergency contact information, just in case. For partial availability, provide contact information only to a limited number of team members and periodically review messages or emails. Tip: be fully available by cell phone throughout a holiday, not only eliminating the ability to relax, but also attract the attention of fellow travelers. Make a real holiday party, and it is impossible to keep the phone constantly, check it several times a day.
– If the bills are due during the holidays, go online and plan to pay when they expire. Or, prepare them to send and ask a team member to send the appropriate day. Similarly, invoices can be made in advance and shipped on time.
– If winter is the most active time for a business, reduce stress by planning summer holidays. Likewise, if an entrepreneur expects a large amount of inventory and knows they will have to unpack and get them on the shelves at this time, she must make arrangements to return from the holiday prior to arrival or from well after the holiday they He had the time he needed to settle down. To avoid these obstacles will allow the contractor to really relax while she is on vacation.
– If possible, delay the start of a new project until a few days after returning from vacation. This verifies lost emails or phone messages. If this is not possible, consider preparing all the preparations before you leave, so it is possible to start immediately after the return. Ask a team member to help divert calls or emails, so it is possible to devote more time to the project immediately.