Breakfast – Free time for balance, health and productivity

If you own your own business, you can often stop taking all the real time to relax
And relax and recharge. Imagine that one day you can take a vacation, but the
Thinking about this now creates more stress. How can you go when there is so much
what to do? If you take the time, you may miss a great opportunity! It does not make sense, it does:
You started your own business for greater freedom, but it is here, the feeling that can not
To escape paying. However, if you take the time, you can not create new opportunities
Because it will return relaxed and rested, and, according to research, even

How can you take time and feel good? This article will give you some tips on
How to truly live your dream of all at the same time ownership and business freedom.

Health Connection
I do not need to tell you that you feel good when you are on holiday! Of course, stress
Level before the holidays can be high, but often times ago you can really say
You feel this feeling of “ahh” at least once. You already know; You lie in your pool
Holiday home, listen to the wind in the trees and the waves that sweep the coast just
Under you. And when you have that feeling, you want it to last longer. My favorite
The explanation of the holiday benefit is from Dr Mel Borins, author of Go
Far only for the health of it; He says that every trip is a pause in the
“Treadmill of everyday life”.

But is everything in your head? In fact, there have been several studies
He studied the effects of taking a vacation on our health. In 2000, researchers
They published their results in the medical journal Psychosomatic Medicine, after
12,000 men in the MRFIT study (Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial) for nine years. they
He found that men who took vacations in most years were 20% less likely to die from any cause
Those who did not take a vacation. They also found that tourists were 30% less
Likely to die from heart disease.