Caravan and holiday cottage

Below you will find our Frequently Asked Questions about buying a holiday home Caravan:

We went to a caravan holiday show and decided the caravan we want to buy which is the next step?

First of all, we recommend that you find your ideal holiday home park first, to find out how many are always the basis to make sure you do not buy a vacation home that is too big to fit in your dream park!

Once you have found your ideal and comfortable holiday home you know the base the size of your caravan should be and whether or not to buy a forward caravan front or caravan to enjoy the best views of the park.

Some holiday homes, like us, have a range of quality, fully valet homes for sale on site, ranging from cheap caravans “starter” to customers who are new to the industry (ideal for those Who want to try caravan holiday in a lower financial risk) to more prestigious new ones for those who have a holiday before and are looking to move on to a fraction of the cost models. Buying a vacation home on the site also gives you a saving of around £ 3000, as there is no transportation and set up costs related to buying a dealer.

I bought my Nce trailer, what other fees do I have to pay?

The primary cost is the annual launch fee that the park owner is paid for using their land. Rents vary according to the duration of the leave and the facilities in the park. Small “parks of peace and tranquility with the eight-month season can charge about £ 1,500 per year.The ones that have plenty of sports and leisure facilities, with more licenses, and / or by the sea can charge up To £ 4,500. Because some fleets have different rates for different bases or areas of the park.

According to the caravan, caravan insurance will cost in the region of £ 300. Each site has an electricity meter that is calculated each year and gas cylinders cost around £ 30.

I hope to sublet my caravan to close family and friends. Do I need permission from the park owner?

All the parks allow the rent of sous. Some are for the owner-occupant only. Why? Due to the interest paid to residents of the caravan. Unfortunately historically a minority of people who rent a holiday home on a weekly basis tend to disrupt the peace and tranquility of the park and disregard the wishes of payment residents. It is unfair in most good people who rent, but as most cases the minority have ruined and most parks are not likely to harm their long-time customers paying for sublet your caravan for a week . Safety is a top priority of the camps and they love to know who is on the site or ask you to tell your family and friends to sign in the office so they know who they are!