Why is my computer running slowly? Repair the problem quickly!

If you ask, “Why does the computer run so slowly the way to speed up the computer” then you are in the right place. Many users have this question in their mind after buying new computers for just a few months. During the first month of purchase, it works at lightning speed,Most of the time, this is not actually computers to blame, but that is because they have not kept the computer to continue operating at their maximum performance level. So, for a computer that slows down? There may be many things that play a part here. So, if you have the question, why the computer running so slowly, how to speed up the computer, then the answer is in the following lines.

The first thing to do is make sure the computer is free of viruses. Malware, Trojans, spyware and other dangerous programs are the most common culprits for slow PCs. For example, illegal activities can be performed by spyware without your knowledge, such as sending hidden data to a particular destination to exploit the weakness of the system. This can compromise your password, connection, credit card details. This will lead to the question: Why the computer so slow it works and how to speed up the computer.

Therefore, to ensure that the system is clean, you should use an updated antivirus to scan the computer. It is very important to install a good antivirus on your computer. After sweeping the PC is still slow, the following procedure can be followed. That is, remove unnecessary programs and files on the desktop. If you have too many shortcuts on your desktop, your computer will slow down. This is another answer to the question: Why the computer so slow it works and how to speed up the computer.