Coping Strategies for Holiday Blues – 4 of a 4-Part Series – Getting Help

The first part of this four part series on how to deal with vacation blues has provided a definition of holiday blues and coping strategies for the emotional aspect of your life. The second part provided adaptation strategies in social and family life. The third provided that coping strategies to alleviate physical and financial stress. The fourth part examines the definition of holiday blues and compares with depression. The series ends with options for help.

What is Holiday Blues?

Holiday blues is a feeling of disappointment, sadness, stress and overwhelmed vacation-related experiences. These feelings are triggered at this time of year, the desire of a loved one increases, when the desire for how things grow when unrealistic expectations take over when the isolation of family and friends seems Be a good coping strategy as the pressure to feel joyful becomes too much.

How can I help someone with the holiday blues?

Invite them to do things with you. Racing, cooking, shopping, leaf raking, dinner with his family. No matter the activity or event, the idea is to keep the person engaged, and feel needed and appreciated. The goal is to prevent isolation.
Help them prepare for holiday events / activities. Shopping, cooking, shopping, raking leaves, all things are easier and better when you’re done with a friend. Your help can help relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed, and the feeling of loneliness.
Listening. Sometimes, pain relief is as simple as a caring person who listens and validates the feelings of the speaker. An opportunity to unload can be invaluable. Remember, listening means being right now with the person speaking. Listening does not think about how you react. Listening will not understand how to “fix” for the other person.
Share your story / feelings. Empathy goes a long way to helping someone feel validated and supported. Share your blues holiday history and how to treat can encourage someone to unload and feel safe to do so. Share your holiday joy story can give someone the hope that they too may have similar experiences.
Sharing adaptation strategies. Provide a copy of this series in four parts with others. Add to these coping strategies unique ways that have surpassed the holiday blues.