Copper Accessories – The Basics

The next time you visit a store or DIY builders, stop in the plumbing section and look at the wide range and variety of small plumbing fixtures available. Brass, copper, plastic, chrome – all are available in a confusing array of different sizes. But what do they do and how do they work?

The generic name of these products consists of copper. This term refers to the fact that they are used in conjunction with a copper tube (or a substitute such as plastic) in the supply of hot and cold water or heating. Copper accessories actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but are usually categorized into four groups. These groups are derived from the actual method that was adopted when using the connection.

The first group is known as welding accessories name. Welding rings connections (sometimes called Yorkshire accessories) are made of copper or brass. The connector itself contains a small solder ring that cools around the circumference of the interior of the connector. When the copper tube is inserted into the connector and the flow (a thick slurry cleaning and activation) is applied with excessive heat, the welding material melts and curves the cools the bond and solidifies once the source of The heat is removed, forming a solid joint.

The group of the second type of couplings is known as the final power connections. These accessories are almost identical to soldering connectors, except they do not contain a complete ring of soldering material – using the final supply connections, soldering is provided by the plumber of a coil or a soldering rod. When the proper tubing / set is at the correct temperature, the plumber provides the tip of the solder coil or adhere to the joint. Deep heat welding background, which is then “stretched” or “fed” into and around the joint by capillary action. Once again, the bonding is done when the heat is removed and the welding is illuminated. These accessories are favored by plumbers as they are much cheaper than welding connections, and it is also effective when used properly.

The third set of accessories is based on the compression name. These are usually brass fittings that use a method of mechanical pressure pressure sometimes called “nuts and olive.” The olive is a thin strip of copper or brass that has the shape of a wedding ring and, together with a threaded nut, agrees on the copper tube, the tube is then inserted into the connector and the female wire into The nut is tightened onto the male thread of the accessory body. As the nut is tightened, the olive is crushed into the tube and a concave seat inside the coupling, which makes a seal tight and tight. Some plumbers favor the use of a pipe assembly owner around the olive when using compression fittings.