How to Create a Selection of Equipment and Components

They ask me the same question very often, how to build a computer? It can be very misleading in the eyes of the average person when viewed on an open computer. There are different “pieces” that are circulating and some son from parts to the other. All this can be very confusing and discouraging. The best advice I can give is that it is more complicated than it really is. Do not be afraid to experiment and the mistake of understanding things, within reason. Of course, you have to be careful and do not force the components in places that do not belong, but it is difficult to mix, because most things can not be used by a single lane and do not match the correct location. Over the years, this is how I learned more than I do today, trial and error. Something is wrong, there is always a way to solve it, and sometimes you have to have patience and research to find a way to solve the problem.

I started building computers around 1996, when I was ten, and became a hobby that has led to a company for about 16 months. Over the years, there was not much to learn and to resume, and that’s the thing with technology and computers. Computers are always changing and modernized for more performance, reliability, smaller size, ease of use and lower power consumption in recent years to become “green” in the environment.

But enough history, now is the time to pass the current IT building process from start to finish. There is a bit to cover and there are many ways to approach the process, but I will share my personal views and opinions along the way.

To get things started, you have to ask what you want the computer. It could be a basic machine for simple web browsing, like Facebook and email. Another need could be just a multimedia center, a computer connected to an entertainment center in order to watch movies, music, recording and television over the Internet, and any other use plugged into a full-time television. The machine can be used mainly for games. A computer game can be a tricky subject because the views of each are different. Some may be content to play a game down, and others may want to have everything with a way to save for future games. The final use that I will refer to is the edition of photos and videos. Many times, a high-end gaming equipment, and an image / video editing machine will be many similarities. You do not necessarily need a very powerful system for videos and photos, but it will certainly reduce the time required. If someone is looking to produce long, it will take several years to perform on a less powerful computer. One thing I will say is, no matter what you want to build a computer, find out a budget of available funds and go from there. There is no point in looking for very expensive high quality components, while there is no budget for it. Many would be surprised how a fairly powerful system can be “now days.” I do not recommend buying the latest and better because it will cost a premium and will be replaced by something better in about six months. This is exactly what works in the computer world.