Creation of a hotel at the airport

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts for anyone involved in creating a product profile for a product “to a specific niche” is to visualize the end product in its entirety. Hotels at the airport are very specific products that require data from articles of business expansion, leisure and investments aimed at improving the speed of service delivery without compromising quality. The problem is often the time when a profile for a product based on the technology is disseminated, discussed and agreed upon, it is time to review it as the technology has destroyed everything that was agreed upon.

Before you sit down to define a product profile, keep in mind three important factors “going to use the product”, “What are the expectations of the user” and what is the scope of application of the principles of ” Extension of the investment “” to generate additional income with an infusion of marginal capital addition. Naturally, their planning must meet and satisfy all these factors, always taking into account “that our competitors offer”, which adds a dimension to the task difficult.

Basically, as indicated by the term an airport hotel is used by the passengers who use the airport to get there and of those who pass through the city and the need for accommodation for a period as short as 4 to 6 hours to more than A day and air crew both cabin and cabin. It is important to mention all these segments, because they all have different and specific request about the product. There is yet another segment; Some airport hotels also serve to filter the city, filtering traffic at the airport itself, where guests can stay for up to three or four days. These are usually hotels that have an area of ​​activity that is attached or nearby, such as an international convention center or exhibition center.

Another important aspect is the actual location of the hotel in relation to the airport. It is the hotel in the terminal building, attached to the airport with a direct walk or is close to the airport and can be reached in a few minutes by car from the airport. All these factors provide the basis for defining the product profile.