Email marketing marketing direct mail

Marketing has always been a complicated but necessary task for businesses. Advertising campaigns never limited to the areas of printing, radio and television, but still sellers had to find a delicate balance to promote your brand in a way that has not been seen by overly demanding customers. Things have become more complex with the introduction of modern technology, such as the World Wide Web platforms, social media and the relatively new smart phone phenomenon, but already widespread. Vendors now have many different advertising methods from which to choose.

There has been considerable debate in the world of marketing about the value of email marketing against more traditional mailing marketing. Those who are in favor of direct mail often say that emails are likely to be ignored by customers, but take a look at the evidence around e-mail marketing campaigns reveals that it is not just a marketing method Very effective, it is also cost effective.

Fast-growing businesses using email marketing

Some people say that email marketing is now obsolete – an old model in agony. However there is research that shows how the number of companies that adhere to email marketing as part of its global advertising strategy has increased in recent years and clearly refutes these claims. The email marketing industry is about $ 11 billion and over the past five years has experienced a growth rate of nearly 20 percent.

E-mail advertising continues to grow in importance, especially in small businesses. Research by Hurwitz & Associates found that 46% of small businesses used email marketing and 36% intended to start using it within 12 months of the survey. In addition, email marketing represents on average about 15-22% of the advertising budget for companies that use it. It is very popular among small businesses because it is a simple method of advertising and direct that can achieve positive results. According to the report:

“As companies grow they are more likely to adopt email marketing companies electrónico.Las with 2-4 and 5-10 employees are most likely to intend to deploy email campaigns at Over the next 12 months, the companies are looking to increase sales and revenues to support the existing workforce and expand the business. “- Hurwitz & Associates

Total Cost and Benefits Email Marketing Income

Email marketing is one of the best ways to save money on advertising costs, especially for those with a strong online customer base. Given all the direct and indirect costs of e-mail compared to traditional direct mail campaigns, it is obvious that the former is much more profitable than the second. In fact, direct mail can cost a jaw dropping 50-100 times more than email.