Evolution Travel Agent

A few years ago, when I wanted to go on vacation, there was only one option. They had to stick to your local travel agency and navigate through travel brochures. Then, when you have made your choice, sit at the table of your travel agent (in a very uncomfortable chair) by entering all the information in his monochrome green screen. Travel agents were the guardians of all the travel information. His life was the stuff of dreams. One imagines they had been everywhere and knew everything about travel the world. Were the rock stars of the retail world.

Then they passed things. First, airlines have decided more needed to travel agencies and fired commission agent commissions. This does not work so well for airlines, as evidenced by the number of them that have been left behind. Many organizations have refused to sell air tickets without receiving a commission. Why should they work for free? So things began to change what had been a highly structured organization regulated by the ARC (Airlines News Commission) in an industry that was in the process of becoming something new.

Then the second thing happened. The advent of the Internet has forever changed the face of travel. The information is available 24 hours a day on all aspects of travel imaginable – luxury yacht travel in the South Pacific to stay in a youth hostel in Europe. Whatever your budget or interest, the Internet can open up a new world of options available for you to travel.

However, with the wealth of information available to consumers, there is still a need for travel agency? Consumers may not understand this on your own now? I guess they might try. But why do they want? Travel agents offer the advantage of their experience in the day with travel suppliers. Still, they have the “secret knowledge” of the travel business, just in a different way now. In addition, the services of a travel agent usually free for consumers because agents receive commissions from suppliers.

In all honesty, consumers need travel agents now more than ever. In the past, because there was little information for consumers who are at the mercy of the travel agency to get it all. Now, there is so much information available to consumers, who are often left wading through the sea transactions. Travel agents are experts in cutting through the hype and emotional marketing providers. They have learned to adapt travelers with the holidays you treasure.