Exotic Beaches of India: Select the Best for Your Beach Vacation

India is full of natural beauty everywhere. Its long coastline is no exception. Its long sandy beaches have fantastic beaches. The beaches offer wonderful place to spend a rejuvenating vacation and best beach holiday spots. It is amazing to see these beautiful beaches with the sea breezes invigorating and refreshing, the waters of raging torrents and scenic attractions stunning all. Everyone enjoys enjoying the best holiday beach with lots of fun and joy in these exhilarating beaches spread across different parts of India. You can enjoy the beach and water sports like sunbathing, beach volleyball, dozing in the shade, swimming, diving, fishing, paragliding, snorkeling, parasailing and so on the best Holidays at the beach.

Some of the gorgeous beaches of India for the best holidays at the beach are:

Kovalam Beach: This is a tempting beach south of Trivandrum Kerala located in the Arabian Sea in southern India. There are two beaches covered with palm trees, which are divided by rocky promontories. You can enjoy the brilliant golden sand and coconut palms. The wonderful atmosphere attracts tourists from around the world. It is paradise for the best vacation on the beach.


This beach is called the “queen of the beeches”. You get a lot of emotion in the comforting shade of the palm trees against the blue background of the sea and the sky. Tourists come here from all over to enjoy and recharge the best beach vacation.

Playa de Mallorca is 5 km from Colva Beach. Is a stretch of soft, bright and beautiful sandy beaches aquamarine water of various tourists tent areas of India and abroad. There is a fascinating atmosphere with sand, sunshine trees, sky and breeze. It is among the most beautiful beaches of India.

Alappuzha Beach: This beach is a very famous beach that is known as the “Venice of the East”. The jetty is 140 years old. In addition to an exhilarating view of boat races, anti-backflow sites are added attraction here.

Muzhappilangad Beach: This is a major tourist destination on the beaches of India in Kerala. You can drive on the beach and is the favorite in the world tourism map. There are a lot of tourists from all over. You get all the amenities here and enjoy the charm of soft sand, green coconut palms and kiss the ocean.

Konark Beach: This is a beautiful beach in Orissa. It is located about 3 km from the famous Temple of the Sun It is popular for its amazing and beautiful views of sunset and sunrise. Its expanse of bright white sand has divine tranquility. You can also get a view of the fishing fleet. Guests can relax and bathe in the sun on Konark Beach and savor the beauty of the picturic rising sun for the best holiday beach.

Puri Beach: Located on the strange coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the most sacred centers of pilgrimage in India. It is blessed with many beautiful beaches. The beaches are very spacious and perfect for many beach sports. The sea is often violent and floods. Water sports are not favored often here.