Expert advice for cheaper summer holidays (on vacation)

1. Some have an advance reservation, others do not. In general, hotel prices will decline when you arrive, but you may lose your date or your preferred location. Villas and apartments are similar in holiday companies that want to sell something instead of leaving them empty, but this will only work if you book directly with the travel company instead of a travel agent – Travel agencies have nothing to lose if Not sold, as they work on commission.

2. Test one of the “innovations” of the travel industry, such as auctions, offers and clubs. Many reputed companies now operate and guaranteed travel auction or through an auction site like eBay or directly on their own website. There are many other tricks and innovations such as “Buy one, get one day off”, usually for people able (and prepared) to travel in the off-season.

3. Be aware of booking seasons There are seasons of booking and renting different seasons of the year, and being aware of them is crucial to hiring a good deal. For example, villa companies make a lot of sales for summer arrivals in December and January, so they are less likely to shave the price. However, they would like to sell apartments and hotels, but there is less demand – at that time, you can often negotiate an agreement on something that has less demand. Another seasonal factor is your arrival date.

4. Sign up for newsletters This information and choice. Subscribe only to the companies you would trust to take you on holiday, so your mailbox is not hindered by endless travel emails! However, most companies advertise their offers and cheap holiday deals through their newsletter, often when they are not advertised on the website because they want the recommended debtor “just found the site” has The ability to pay the full price. Do not be that person!

7. Ask and you can receive, not ask and you do not. Always talk to a company representative before booking. This is an essential tip in general because you can evaluate how likely it is to be treated during your vacation. Do you remember him? Do they respond quickly? Are they nice? And when you talk to them … ask if you can get a discount! It is very unlikely that they ever offered, so if you do not ask, you will not receive. Keep in mind that sometimes, when you ask, you will not get it either! Do not make your rental selection based solely on the price – if you save a little, but are worse vacations, then this economy is not worth it. On a personal note, I would not advise booking with a specialist – ask questions, let them do their research, because ultimately that is what you pay for and you should be able to find the holidays that match your search Needs.