Fashion – A necessity or a desire

Before we begin our discussion of fashion and its place in our society, let us first try to understand what fashion is.

Wikipedia defines fashion as follows: A general term for a style or a popular practice, especially in clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture.

It is very difficult to follow a given set of parameters that can define our individual fashion concept. With such a vast diversity of cultures and interests, a single sharp dimension does not do justice to our imaginative minds. It is a constantly changing and evolving set of ideas that are followed to create a novelty or a unique character in various dimensions of our way of life.

Fashion has been a part of our society from the beginning, changing form and subject as need. For me, not choosing to follow popular trends could mean fashion, however, for a dedicated fashion enthusiast, following these trends in depth could define its entire character and the concept of fashion.

When we talk about necessity, this need comes from very creative minds, wanting to turn their ideas into something the world can see. It is not only their desire, but to let out all these ferocious ideas and out of the box, becomes a need for them to be able to express themselves. This gives rise to the most talented minds, as world-renowned personalities, who are beginning to explore this explosion of ideas as a career, which has now largely been called the “fashion industry.”

These Fashion Gurus, begin to define trends, styles, lifestyles that can be called as the latest fashion for a particular period of time. While others are beginning to follow these guidelines, due to the immense faith and respect they develop for these Gurus over time. These trends can be found in a wide range of areas such as clothing, footwear, interiors, furniture, paints, body art, hair, etc. However, these trends are short lived and take on a new form for a few weeks or months, when new ideas begin to bubble the creative minds of our fashion gurus.

So we can say in large part that fashion becomes a little need, in the form of a career because of their urgent need to express their ideas. And it also becomes a necessity for fashion enthusiasts and conscious of being an active part of this conceptualization of ideas. It becomes a daily part of their lives to keep abreast of the latest trends and follow them in a religious way.

However, all this comes at a price, since it is an art generated by great talented minds, which can take as many years to design their ideas. It is not a product that can be manufactured at any time, from a given machine. It takes inspiration and education ….