The Fight Against Food Cancer – Cure Your Cancer Welfare

Cancer cells are always present in the body and are usually controlled by our body’s natural defense system. Do you know how the body’s natural defense system and where it got the ammunition? Do you know how the body succumbs to the disease called cancer?

Millions of cancer cells are present in the body from time to time. However, when the number of cancer cells in the billion, we know that the body’s natural defense system does not. Cancer cells do not appear to be detected as foreign cells to the body. Since cancer cells are growing faster than normal cells, they can replace healthy cells almost unnoticed by the body until we feel something is wrong, a malfunction of the tumor or organ.

The cancer is in your body for a long period of time due to many different forces. External influences such as the environment, exposure to toxins, smoking, secondhand smoke, huge shock, and foods that cause cancer can cause cancer.

However, cancer can be cured. Studies have shown that a nutritious diet of antioxidant foods and nutrients can cure cancer. Fight against cancer foods are as close as the shelves of your local grocery store. All you need is the knowledge of what certain foods and the correct recipes and that can certainly cure the cancer of your natural condition. In this case, knowledge is the power of healing.

A wide variety of foods is a lifelong cancer-free diet. There is a process for learning how to make food selections and cooking in order to prevent not only cancer but prevent the disease from coming into contact with your body. Twice the cancer survivor and author Carol Patterson developed many wonderful tasting food recipes to fight against cancer. His second diagnosis of cancer led doctors to suggest radical surgery. The author chose other cancer remedies to prevent his body from being disfigured and there is horrible exposure to chemotherapy.