How to find a good travel agent?

In today’s high tech world, we have easy access to all kinds of information. We are able to search, compare and book trips in the comfort of our own home. But the question arises – Who needs a travel agent?

Less of us, apparently. During the last decade, the statistics of travel agents had been reduced by 30%.

“These are the obsolete remains of past practices, which virtually add no value to today’s transaction,” said one of the employees working for Michigan Airlines. After my recent recommendations from travel agencies in several columns, I have been receiving comments – How can I …?

So let me discuss this common query. I believe that current travel agencies continue to offer services and information that you can not access the Internet. Certainly, some things like booking a trip, most people can successfully handle themselves. A travel agent, however, may recommend smaller airports, alternatives that discount airlines use. This alone can save you some money. However, the essential point that travel agents offer today is their first hand knowledge and good information. When planning a trip or vacation, you want to find information on places and regions that suit them. Here the role of a travel agent takes into account given the fact that they have traveled to many different places, they can provide much more information than a web page brochure or can. So finding a good travel agent is inevitable. The same goes for excursions and special trips such as luxury, adventure, rental villas, etc. A competent travel advisor can be your main asset in planning a trip. The key word here is “competent”. And I would also like to define what I mean by the agent: I do not necessarily talk about a call center worker from a script or an amateur who pays hundreds of dollars for false agency ratings. I mean a certified travel professional in good faith. Once you decide to book a trip through an agent, you must go through some high quality control of an agent. These few measures include:

Understanding an Agent and Using Your Intuition – It is important to feel a prospective travel agent to see if you can establish a relationship with them. This can be done even when you are having an Internet agency, by phone or email. Face to face are not necessary. Choosing the right travel agency comes from knowledge, not words. The correct answers to your direct questions are the ones that count. Before you even ask for a quote, consider the knowledge and personality of the agent that is going to put you in charge of your hard-earned vacation. If you feel that person’s sense, request a quote. If a travel agent who quotes at a price that is not equal to or less than the cost of booking directly, or does not offer incentives like free insurance, or even a hotel room before the cruise decide not to compete – an option that Some agents do. They hope to attract consumers without education. This is not the type of agent that is recommended, unless the service is so fantastic that you do not mind some advantages. But the price alone may not always be the best factor in finding the right travel agency. We want the best price, but also want to help and service when we need it. Therefore, when your skull asks you “How to find the right travel agent”, the above criteria should hit first.