Free ads for vacation rental sites in

Although renting owners should not rely on free rental listing sites to generate the bulk of their bookings, they may be useful to fill vacancies. However, how do you choose the most suitable websites or accommodation for your vacation?

For starters, free vacation advertising sites come in many forms. The type of free sites you should choose depends on the goals and expectations you have on your vacation rental website.

First of all, there are new sites that are looking to create the list of vacation rentals on your site. To be attractive to renters, vacation rental sites must have a number of vacation rental properties listed. For new sites, the simplest way to generate new lists is to offer a free trial period, usually for at least 6 months and often for more than a year. Once established with a strong group of potential renters who visit each day, the intention is for the vacation rental site to start loading particular vacation rentals to their lists and ultimately reduce or eliminate free trial periods.

The list of these sites is a long bet. They are not likely to produce many short term bookings, but as the site has been established in the holiday rental market, though they may also generate bookings for you.

Examples of this type of sites are Villa Holiday Homes and, although there are others. (You can find more information on these sites at particular particular vacation rental site.)

A second type of site that offers a free list of holiday rentals is the site free permanently. These are financed by advertising (for example, Google Ads) or offer the possibility to update your free profile to a paid advertisement. In general, sites that offer free upgrades tend to be a better bet to generate bookings, especially if there are not many other rental properties in the location indicated on this site.

An example of this type of vacation rental website is Vacationrentals411 in which a basic listing is free but you can offer a top choice in the search results. (You can find a review of Vacationrental411 at the site Compare particular Vacation rental.)