They get the travel agencies travel free?

Some cases where travel agents can travel for free, but for most, they get out of pocket. Here are three cases where travel agents can earn extra savings and put money in their pockets.

I will share my experience savings as an agent at home, which has saved me hundreds of dollars!

Obtain sales or sale price payments

When I travel as qu’introduite, I receive a payment when I book a trip for myself (and, of course, I get paid when I do it for others). The price I paid could be the same as it is not part of the industry, the difference would be that I get a check and it does not! Commissions are already included in the price that appears online or your travel agent tells you that the commissions are already integrated. (They are never in excess of the stated price, if they tell you that additional charges must be added to cover during the commission …)

Travel at net or wholesale price

Now, if I decide that I want to travel cheaply and give up my commission, I still have to pay the net cost, I would not pay for the trip. You can get travel deals if you travel this way!

But I must add that several travel agencies may have special “specials” that agents can take for themselves or sell their customers and always get a commission! I love it because you get paid and the rate can be even better than the net plus rate, you get a good deal you can offer your customers. The only drawback is that there can be no limit to how much you can travel and limited to specific dates.

Traveling with Industry Money

What about these cheap trips? Yes, there are low-cost destinations and are unique to travel agents and are usually called familiarization trips or familiarization trips. These trips are educational for travel agents and teach the agents the property or the destination experience they visit.

Vendors invite officials on these FAM ” trips so they can have more advanced knowledge to share with their customers. The objective is to promote to get more reserves for these properties or destinations. The prices of these trips are such a flight that they can be free!

Just to recap, travel agents pay their trip in four ways:

1. Travel sales price and receive the commission already integrated

2. retail travel awards less already established (therefore, no commission is paid)

3. Traveling great advantage get a commission (varies according to the body and limit the time and quantity)

4. Travel on a familiarization trip – discounted travel (exclusive for travel agents