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How To Buy a New Construction Home: Tips and Reminders When you’re buying a new construction home, it means you’re getting it from the individual who built it, not the one who previously lived in it. There too are good reasons why you want this type of property instead of that one that other people previously called home and one of them is the fact that everything is practically new. This means that you won’t be having that many issues with regards to damage and deterioration. But just like when you are purchasing a typical home, you need to learn what right steps to take to get the property you actually want, not something that’s based out of a huge compromise. 1 – First things first, you need to find and work with an experienced and reliable real estate agent.
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In doing so, you need to find out that the realtor you hire is not affiliated or connected to any way with the builder of the home. Although it is not illegal or prohibited, you still have to go for a buyer’s agent who is independent because that’s the only way they can best represent your interests in the negotiation table.
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2 – Know how to negotiate. You do have to understand that builders aren’t like your typical home seller because they hate it when you try to negotiate with them in dropping the price considerably. This is obviously because they feel like the home is newly-built and there is nothing to make a compromise on. Fortunately for you, there always will be that small window of opportunity. Even though you already a buyer’s agent representing you in the negotiation, it still is very important that you know how the negotiation works since this will allow you to provide some input of your own. 3 – Be sure every detail of the agreement is made into writing. Arguably the biggest investment you’ve had in your life is buying a house. As such, there’s no way you should enter into a deal to buy a house if the details, contract, and other stuff aren’t put into writing. For instance, you can’t just rely on the verbal assurance of the builder that the house is complete without first making sure about it; and when you do agree and sign the contract without mention of those parts to be completed, then you might be forced to cover the costs to finish the job. A written contract or agreement is legally binding, which means that once the builder signs it, they now carry the responsibility of fulfilling all the promises and agreements stipulated in that same portal. Finally, we don’t really recommend buying the cheapest available new construction home out there because you’ll never know you’re actually being ripped off.