Be happy and healthy! Take a vacation!

Have you taken a vacation this year or ignored it because of high gas prices? Americans have always been good at turning off vacations, so this year they have an excuse. If you have spent holidays of my life and want to be happy and healthy, it is time to take a vacation!

According to a survey of, one-third of Americans do not take all their vacation days. The Labor Department said Statics a quarter of all Americans do not get paid vacation! It was a surprise to me, but as a business owner in a solo practice, I do not enjoy paid vacations either.

A recent New York Times Alina Tugend, entitled “Holidays are good for you, medically speaking,” notes that recent studies show that vacations are necessary for good health. Article 2 sites of different health studies (one with women and other men) that showed a high percentage of coronary problems occur for those who do not do regular vacations.

Holiday give yourself time to relax. This allows you to relax and unwind. There is evidence that research will sleep better during and after your vacation. It always amazes me that the feeling of tranquility relaxing holidays lasts a few days when I return.

By the way, for those who carry cell phones and Blackberries to check back to the office during the holidays, studies have shown that they are less likely to receive holiday benefits under the article in the New York Times.

So if you do not take your vacation, now is the time to do it. If you are the type you consult with the office, find a place where cell phones and blackberries do not work so you can really relax. (It may be difficult to get dependence on the mobile phone / Blackberry, but it’s worth it).

If you have small children, partying with them can be exhausting. This is not the type of vacation that relaxes! Young families should have two vacations, one with the family and for single parents.