Holiday choirs

Do Songing Choir Holiday Vacation?

The holidays are not really sing holiday choirs. There is nothing wrong with the notion of a coral week, in fact, I think it’s a great thing and I’m sure many of you have experienced the thrill of singing in a large group in a wonderful place and this fantastic feeling when a Handel bounces off the walls of often multiple spots of a large church. But consider choral singing as vacation vacations can misunderstand what we try to achieve during a 7 day stay in this wonderfully serene off-the-beaten path in Italy.

We sing in spectacular places during a week of singing and often sing choral music, but our main objective is to sing, sing with confidence, to sing better and discover tools that can be removed and used -delà of the holiday experience, so That continuous development and enjoyment.

I think if I tell you the truth, when I first came to Temi and thought of singing the holidays in Italy, I did not deepen the full benefit behind small groups, yoga, individual attention (we are both sucking for more details) an inspiring environment, Clean air and a “fence”, often organic.

We just started all this because it was a combination of our skills and combines things in life that we really liked. It also meant that we could use our own environment and people present in an area of ​​Italy that was as incredibly inspiring and intact as the intrinsic qualities are an important part of the singing experience.

Just by having them sung weeks on vacation we discovered the fundamental advantages of having small groups and always being in the inspiration of the environments that were as far away as possible from the tourist crowds. I remember working with Temi in Strasbourg 10 years ago, and after doing very well in the main square in front of the cathedral, a former Jewish woman from the United States came to us and told us in a voice that she could cut the steel “Like Strasbourg ? ” Yes, many lovely people … “I replied looking at my coin hat” is a tourist trap! “She cried, she was very scary!

“Tourist traps”, which should be avoided as much as possible, or visit at a time when tourists are much smaller. The real Italy and know the real Italians are warm and welcoming without being tired by the masses is what we like. The food consumption that people eat and drink cappuccino in full of Italian bars is wonderful and certainly what it is!