Holiday Highs and Stockings

Higher, but more variable income

Unlike standard rental properties, holidays allow you to take a hike at peak times such as summer, Christmas, school holidays and holidays, though you can never charge up to £ 5700 per night that Scottish luxury digs expect to get On vacation in May. However, it is also likely that periods in the off season with many less visitors paying lower prices if you are in a traditional holiday area.

The apartment center may have a greater attraction of the year, and those who only move in big cities like London are more likely to be reserved for weekend trips to isolated destinations like Cornwall.

With the explosion of popularity of sites like Airbnb, tourists are increasingly booking holidays, unlike hotels and general tourism in the UK. According to the National Trends Statistics report for 2014 (the latest available), visits to the UK increased by 5.3% in 2014 and were at the highest level since records began in 1961. Visit research in England suggests that the number of UK holiday people in the country has also increased in recent years, with rising fears about terrorism abroad, this is likely to increase further.


The good news as far as financing a holiday rental is that you only need a single deposit – about 25% – you would want with a purchase for that property, although, as for the rest of the mortgage market, the best Rates are reserved for people with low added value.