Home Vacation Property Management – Marketing Tips for Homeowners Marketing Their Own Properties

Effective marketing is key to profitable property management. Unless the holiday home reaches a good level of occupancy, the yields of the holiday home will not be maximized. If you use a rental agent, the agent will take care of all marketing and public relations on your behalf and you do not have to worry about it. The best vacation service companies can sometimes help you with your website and your online marketing. However, many vacation home owners do not use agency services and prefer to manage their own properties. Marketing is a specialized field and, therefore, homeowners are often not as expert in marketing as in other aspects of property management. So if you are a homeowner selling your vacation home, here are six marketing tips to help you win customers and achieve the best possible return on your real estate investment:

TIP 1: First, work your target audience is for the holidays. Given the price band, location, style and layout of the property, what kind of people are the most likely to want to stay there? For example, some holiday homes are ideal for families with young children, some are ideal for elderly people who want to be close to nature, some are perfect for young people who want to be close to nightlife and attractions. A clear definition of your target audience is a critical first step in effective marketing. Once you have defined your target audience, adding accessories and extras for accommodation are the kind of things your target audience will appreciate. For example, a vacation home for young families will be made more attractive by a selection of age-adapted DVDs, a selection of toys and supplying items such as cribs or strollers that your client prefers not to carry with them.

TIP 2: Once you have decided on the target audience of your vacation home, think of all the ways to attract this particular target audience. What magazines and newspapers did your target audience read? If you are unsure, ask the advertising services of various publications to send you information about your readers. This will help you determine where to advertise or try to get free coverage through PR