Hotel Booking System

Online Hotel Booking System

If you decide to manage a Hotel or type of lodging and look for techniques to increase gross sales, the on-line reservation system will benefit your hotel. There are several different options to choose depending on variables like; Exactly how much someone is willing to pay, your IT level, as well as the size of your hotel.

Choice of Hotel Booking System

1. Phone Inquiries – This assumes that you currently have a pre-existing website or web information page on the web but no desktop computer in the actual hotel.

2. Web Based Questions – This assumes that you now have a website – blog or information page that is on the internet but you have a laptop or desktop service and e-mail.

3.Web-based Hotel Extra-net – Run and host on the organization’s website and you log in.

4. Internet-based ordering system – purpose built for larger hotels) or, outside the shelf run on your computer system or even directly from the world wide web.

Figures 3 and 4 must be complicated but we will explain in more detail in the next paragraph.

Telephone. This is the most basic of all web based Hotel booking systems. Not really a legitimate on-line program, but included because people might be able to find the Hotel Website or pages you have created. This involves a call to your Hotel and book a room in a journal. (Still used by some smaller hotels, b & b apartments, as well as holiday apartments.

Online business questions Align the function of electronic mail directly from your site to your email address. The down side is an e-mail message can be lost or sent to your junk mail box which could cause the hotel to lose the reservation. It’s certainly labor-intensive because you need to follow up on phone calls. Or maybe an email to the individual who sent it. Your message could be passed or sent to an unsolicited mailbox.