Life Fitness – brand fitness to be received

The global fitness industry owes a great debt to a man who invented the legendary cycling lifecycle of legendary teams that predicts the history of fitness awareness today around the world. It was Dr. P. Keene Dimick who designed the bicycle exercise life cycle in the sixties by its own physical goal. He sold his bicycle right to Ray Wilson and Augie Nieto who modified the original design of the bicycle, marketed and founded the Life Cycle, Inc. Many other exercise devices and fitness concept sweeping the American society and growing popularity drives There are many fitness industries. In the 1980s, Bally Manufacturing purchased Life Cycle, Inc. and renamed Life Fitness, Inc.

It was the entrance to a lion fitness industry that later conquered the market with Life Fitness Remo and climber in the late eighties. In the ninety and early, introduced FlexDeck® used the technique of Life Fitness treadmills. The following product, Total Body Trainer Cross has become the best seller on the market. The new cardio equipment with improved technology are gaining popularity among trainers and users. With increasing fitness worldwide, the Life Fitness Academy to support and advance physical fitness was established. The growing number of Academy members tells the story of Life Fitness’s success in the industry.

A sincere and continuous research and development effort in the field of social and commercial health and fitness enabled Life Fitness gaining popularity all over the world. Headquarters located in Illinois, the United States and several European countries today have distributors and distributors in more than 120 countries and 12 international production plants and branches employing 1,700 people or more and countless satisfied customers and Their products and services.

Life Fitness, Inc. sells gym equipment and accessories with various brands. In addition to the products, Life Fitness advises its competitors for pre-service and extended post-sales and other commercial services, such as health clubs, community gyms and providing expert trainers in various clubs, schools, etc. In the whole country.

The brand “Life Fitness” is the name of great confidence among athletes, athletes, personal and commercial trainers for more than thirty years. All cardio equipment and training equipment trade lines of force products in this category. The ranges of cardiovascular and strength home products, ie all consumer class products are also included in this brand. The Life Fitness Cardio brand range of products includes treadmills, renowned elliptical, cycle life cycle testing, stair climbers and Summit Trainers. The range of resistance of the products has the series Movement by cable, Signature series circuit, Pro2 Series Fit, Core, etc., for commercial purposes and Gyms for the home for personal use.