How a lobbyist can help your business succeed

Most small business owners do not consider hiring a lobbyist to help them protect their business interests, however, can be a very useful thing to do.

What does a lobbyist do?

An effective lobbyist represents your business and your business interests in local and state government agencies. The goal is to make sure your voice is heard and their interest is taken into account when the new law is drafted.

Also a good lobbyist keep you up to date with new laws or changes to existing laws that may affect your business.

Who needs a lobbyist?

All businesses that are affected by a large number of laws can benefit from hiring a lobbyist. Good examples are, for example, liquor stores, convenience stores, transportation companies, taxi and limousine companies, but also medical practices and dentists can use a lobbyist to work.

What to look for in a good lobbyist?

When you decide to work with a lobbyist will allow him to take advantage of his or ask the right questions before using them.

1) What experience as lobbyists?
2) How long did you work as a lobbyist in your state?
2) As you are aware of your business or industry?
3) What is the quality and size of its network in your particular state?
4) How is it professional representation (general appearance, website, business card, etc.)
5) the references of the application. At least three that you can call.
6) Discuss what they will do for you and for the period of time that will work for you.
7) Does this include a number of hours or activities?
8) Finally, make sure you get a written and signed contract.

Is your small business hiring a lobbyist?

One smart way to work with a lobbyist is to do it from a business association. Most companies have an association in your state. Ask if they are already working with a lobbyist.