How I made my travel certificates

Even though my company is deeply involved in the design and sale of travel related incentives and rewards, most of all, we are a travel agency. All we do here is to have access to travel customers.

Travel agencies have undergone major changes in recent years, starting with airlines when deciding we do not deserve a commission for our services. This type of snowball through many other travel service providers like the internet has opened access to many of the same travel sources that travel agencies use to call ours.

Nowadays, instead of earning a commission for reservations simply to book for their clients, travel agents should specialize in areas where they can ensure that many travelers travel providers. This allows the agency to negotiate lower rates than those available directly to the consumer. Therefore, the travel agency of this new era now works for the travel service provider instead of the traveler. For new conceptual works, agencies are always looking for good prices on the most desirable types of travel, so they struggle to find the thousands of travelers they need to keep their contracts.

I have developed my business model several years before the start of the commission and, unknowingly, a leap in the trend. I decided to try to market travel packages in the human resources departments of large companies. I have defined cruise packages based on favorable rates that I have received from some cruise lines that leave Florida. I offered these discount packages to employees as company profits. The companies have wanted and were quite willing to put my flyers in on their employees’ pay envelope every week. It was there almost 20 years and I still have a few companies that still use my original program today.

Getting very low rates on the most desirable types of travel is great, but getting free is even better! Although most agencies desperately seek more travelers, I knew that if I could provide travel services for little or nothing, that will never be a problem for me. I just had to find a way to ask someone else to pay for all or at least some of the travel expenses.

Living in Florida I saw how condominiums were built one after another from one coast to the other, and all intermediate points. These were part-time housing developments and they were some of the most beautiful spas that Florida has to offer. They had a lot of empty suites week after week and they were also looking for travelers. I made some calls and not much later, I had arrangements with the stations that I could allow access to their accommodation, simply for the opportunity to show my fellow travelers in the hope that they would buy dozens. Everything I needed now was a cost-effective way for people to know what I had to offer.