The many types of advertising

When you think of different types of advertising, several come to mind. There are traditional means of advertising: newspapers, magazines, radio, television commercials, billboards and even taxis. However, there are other types of advertising. There is aerial advertising, very different in many ways.

Here is information on the different types of advertising and exhibition.

Radio advertising is aimed at local customers. The disadvantage of using the radio, the customer must make sure that the station is developed. Placing ads on the radio is another consideration because of the importance of calculating the most timely listening time is crucial for the ad at the best time. The increase in the use of radio is that the public tends to remember that they are catchy jingles.

The magazine and the advertising in the newspapers cater to the subscribers. Subscriptions limit the availability of non-subscribers. The concept of being able to read information online with the Internet gradually shifting to the advertising market subscriptions. The limits of the circulation of magazines and newspapers means that fewer people are watching the commercials

Commercial television advertising is delivered to viewers. Limiting viewers based on available channel selections reduced public exposure. With the availability of cable and satellite to consumers, the location of the customer base for advertising can easily be lost or overlooked.

Advertising on billboards focuses on the area of ​​the display panel. The boundaries of the outer regions that display information are high. The attention of passers-by to see information is also a topic to consider.

Advertising on taxis or buses focuses on the area of ​​transit of the vehicle. This limits the public rank. Like billboards, it raises the issue of taking advantage of the public’s attention, advertising tries to expose information