Money Saving Tips: Defining a Grant Entertainment

Do not we all like to have fun? There is nothing better to hope to go to the opera or to attend a musical show. We live an exciting time because there are so many functions to participate in, it can be difficult to choose what to attend and can certainly be difficult to contain our spending habits.

A lot of entertainment can be very expensive and most of the time we do not realize how much it really costs us a night. You not only have the cost of the event, but generally these types of social outlets cost money by other means, such as taxis, drinks, clothes, and so on.

The best way to control the money you spend on entertainment is a quarterly / annual entertainment grant. Here are some clues to help you do so are presented.

1. Calculate what you want to do in the next quarter / year:

Visit galleries / exhibitions
Attend concerts / musical performances
See opera / ballet / dance
Assist pantomimes / théâtre / shows / plays / musicals
Attend film festivals
Participate in balls / charity events
Go to circus shows / live / comedy shows
2. Calculate how much will tickets / entrance fees cost.
3. Spend time working with “hidden extras” to know the total cost of the function / event. Often you need to consider costs such as:

Costumes buy / rent – formal / semi formal wear
Assist the hairdresser / make-up artist
Pay for accommodation / flights
Payment car rental / taxi / parking fees
Eating Out / Drinks
4. Calculate the total cost of your entertainment. Look at your budget and make sure that your share of the quarterly / annual general budget matches your entertainment. Remember that entertainment is a “desire” and not a “necessity”. You have other priorities and financial commitments in the budget to enable it to meet their “needs”. These must be met before deciding where else “wants” to spend their money.