The New Face of India’s Modern Travel and Tour

Today, India has the potential to become the Super Global Energy. Today, India is the second fastest growing economy in the world after China, with a growth rate of 8.5%, and in 2013 we will beat China and will be in the first position. India is a large country geographically, geographically a peninsula with a dominant strategic view of three great seas that could serve as a basis for controlling ship traffic from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean by placing tolls on the strait Of Malacca. More than ten thousand years), a large young (average age of 29 years compared to China 38, Japan 47) population – called demographic dividend and as proven inventors edge scientific discoveries in mathematics, astronomy and surgery recently , High-quality software. Currently, India has demonstrated innovative capacity in chip design, thorium reactors, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Travel and Tour is also the fastest growing industry in India. Tourism in India is gradually increasing every year that ends. Today, Indians travel throughout the world. How to travel by Indians is slightly different, preferring luxury travel and sightseeing.

The organizers of the recent Tourism and Tourism Fair (TTF) in Ahmedabad conducted a survey among the participants of Gujarat, and the results showed that a significant number of Indian tourists prefer luxury travel and accommodation.

TTF found that one-third of respondents had an Rs 80,000 budget on average travel as reported by the Times of India. The foreign tourism departments present have taken note of this trend and offer more options for Indian travelers looking for luxury opportunities.

“Switzerland offers tourists the opportunity to stay together in houses or cottage fully furnished with a kitchen where you can cook your own meals,” Swiss travel agent Puneet Sehgal at the news source. Sehgal also noted that at least 400 Indians choose Switzerland for group vacations each year.

Japan has focused promotions on Indian tourists, especially for theme parks. Japanese travel agent at the show told the Times of India that Universal Studios Osaka are a major attraction for Gujarati.

More than 15,000 people attended the fair this year, including exhibitors from Egypt, China, Dubai, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and many other nations.