Online shopping and the mother’s role

Shopping is as old as human civilization. Trade is tied to purchases, to see the purchase history, it is only to see how trade has evolved. Commerce began in the medieval age with the barter system and, over time, man innovates new methods of trading and now most sophisticated methods are used for trading activities.

Buying patterns have changed through the media, each medium has been used for shopping and now the internet is widely used for shopping and the term used for shopping on the internet is an online purchase. The Internet has opened a completely new range for the purchase of activities and now most of the purchases are made through the Internet.

A survey of reveals that 60% of mothers are looking for special offers, coupons or other discounts before they leave (there is no information on how this corresponds to male buyers.) This mini report reveals that most purchases are Made by mothers, and they are looking primarily for discounts. Mothers have an important role in online shopping.

The Internet has opened access to the avalanche of information; The information provided on the Internet may not be authentic; Because it is very easy for anyone to post information on the Internet through blogs and personal websites. To extract relevant and correct information from the Internet is very critical and difficult. Internet caused cybercrime and most of them are carried out on online shopping sites.

The role of the mother is very critical in online shopping, they have to extract relevant information from the internet on products sold in hot and prices offered in different stores, sometimes with fake blogs and junk mail, misinformation is Provides leadership to purchase a lower priced product or leads to credit card fraud.

Before shopping online, getting the right information is very important for mothers. The good thing about buying at the right time is of the utmost importance, since especially mothers go shopping for the whole family, especially for small children and children. They may be misled to buy the wrong product by their families through fake blogs or incorrect information provided by various means through the Internet. Mothers’ papers should have complete information about authentic online shopping sites and original blogs run by real users. The blog is an important source for obtaining relevant information but this can be misleading so that mothers should be sharp enough to see what a blog is real and what is operated by spammers.