Owner Hotel

The basic principle is Hotel owner is simple and similar, no matter what the Star Hotel classification (Star 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (the services and facilities they provide) based, or if it is large or small hotel or If the hotel is operated independently (hotel manager name of hotel) or part of a hotel chain (hotel management with someone else’s name and pay a fee to use their name). , In terms of the number of rooms and the number of restaurants and bars, the number of employees increased and also the number of titles and the position of the staff working there. The guests (client).

They are categorized as City hotels (serving mainly business clients), resort (serving holiday or holiday guests at parties and beach vacations), airport hotel (near the airport and most of the airport transit boarding Passenger and crew of the airline), Casino (hotel has games rooms with franchises), Group hotel (which has Convention facilities and meeting of a large number of guests), Motel (especially in the US , Which serves guests traveling by road and who want to leave for one night), where bed and breakfast (especially in Europe, which is a small hotel that caters to customers at an affordable price).

Room-letting guests, leaving the Conference and Meeting Room, leave the ballroom for weddings and events and Sales and Food and beverage services in the restaurant and the bar is the main source of income to rely on the hotel.

Over time, hotels began to generate revenue from the Spa (massage and treatment provided service), Health Club (gymnastics), Butik in the lobby, Golf, External catering service, Fly through catering on board , etc.

The main Operations Department is the hotel Front department office of the Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Food and Beverage, Department of Food Production (kitchen).