Are you planning a vacation? – 12 tips, you should read before booking your holiday

If you take a vacation or six days a year it is easy to forget some essential elements that make for a happy and carefree holiday. It is advisable not to jump with both feet and take the first cheapest offer to agree on a travel agent. A little planning and thinking can do what would be a sluggish day holiday “best vacation” ever.

Read holiday reviews can be useful; But notice the words intelligently written in the brochure that “all apartments overlook the sea.” This may be true but “view” of the sea could mean they are three kilometers from the beach. To walk every day at sea can lead to “out of breath” and the children in tears.

Einstein does not need to work to avoid places where tourists leave cockroaches and dirty sheets. Cleanliness is one of my top priorities especially when you have small children to consider. So here are my 12 tips to help you plan a successful vacation.

1. To what extent do you want to travel? Doth the duration of flights and scales? If you vacation for seven days may not want to spend two days of vacation travel. How long have you been traveling to your accommodation once you arrive? A three hour bus ride may be too long after a long flight.

2. Where is your business? Are you near the beach, near the mountains, in the middle of a city? Is there a noisy nightclub next door? The holidays are particular to the person in order to choose a hotel that meets the requirements of your holiday.

3. Does the hotel have the facilities you need, for example a holiday, kids club, babysitting, evening entertainment, kitchen, hair dryer, 24 hour desk, medical assistance, tennis , Golf or internet access.

4. Time can be a key factor in choosing your destination. If you are looking for a beach holiday, the sun is paramount. If you are looking to ski then you need snow! It is good to take a look at the average temperature above / rain / snow for the month on holiday during the year Internet. If you are traveling long term, it is a good idea to check out the best time of year to travel. Note monsoon seasons, hurricanes and where mosquitoes are most prevalent. Often, you will find a 10-day weather guide for your area.

5. If spending a considerable amount of money on a holiday always buy the best travel insurance you can afford. You want a guarantee in case of problem. The advantage of packaged vacations is that come with a representative acting on his behalf, if things go wrong. Good vacation package is a representative is usually available to help make rearrangements for you, but if you book the plane, hotel and transfers separately it is up to you to resolve.

6. Travel insurance is to buy a part of the mind if the worst happens. Medical expenses can reach thousands of pounds. If you are on holiday in the EU also has its CEAM (European Heath Insurance Card). The CEAM is free for residents in the UK and offers access to state health coverage in the EEA countries and Switzerland, free of charge or on a reduced card. The card lasts five years and is renewable.

7. What is the reputation of your airline of choice? How to cancel flights often? If you cancel often or flights late, what is your policy to get the next flight? What are the airlines’ guidelines for packaging, for people who need help, for those traveling with the children’s team or for sports?