The problem with the IMDB Top 250 movie list

If you like it, you like the movies, you probably are aware of the IMDB, a major if not the main source of information about movies on the net. This is a very useful site for those who want the latest news and comments as well as information about new and old movies.

An area of ​​concern was IMDB’s list of 250 films that ranked the most popular films as assessed by members of the IMDB. I say that at the same time it would be movies that have remained popular in recent years that have stood the test of time when, as now, they often present new versions that get an influx of votes from the most enthusiastic members who tastes Of “Toy Story 3” is greater than “One of ours” and “Prestige” is better than “wild bull”, come in earnest.

And this is the default with the list of IMDB’s top 250 films, she is inclined to those who do not understand what makes a great movie, and I admit. They watch a movie thinking that this is the best thing from the bread slice and give it a more jealous rating on IMDB. Admittedly, as IMDB has become more popular, this problem has gotten worse and just looking through the list of the top 250 IMDB films today I can identify at least 10 movies under 5 years that were on the list From the top with the note of enthusiastic members.

The problem is that these films are released to the other of the list and remain there until a few years later, these films are increasingly notice more realistic and gradually begin to lower and release. It would be nice if this was not the case today, another new version was on the list and if this cycle continues, at some point, IMDB’s top 250 movie list propose latest movies that may be good, not excellent.

So what can you do?

Well, the first thing you could do is that IMDB tackles the problem. In their formula to create the list of the 250 best films of IMDB, must take into account the age of the film. Maybe reduce the value of membership fee for the first two years after release so enthusiasm does not create this problem. In this way, the list would ultimately be more realistic as it would be more of those movies that are awesome and have stood the test of time. It would also prevent enthusiastic members artificially increasing the ranking of movies just to rank on the list.