Project Management – A Systemic Approach

If your business model is service-oriented, project management becomes a key element to making your customers happy. Sometimes these projects can come out of hand, especially if there are many components involved. Therefore, with a huge project that requires huge amounts of materials, coordination and people, how to ensure that is done in a timely manner, with exceptional quality?

A systemic approach seems appropriate. A systemic approach is to examine projects as if they were a system designed with a specific objective in mind. The best way to conceptualize is to compare a system with a car. A car is designed to move from point A to point B using a complex network of parts and a synaptic mechanism to perform a job; Put the ignition on, put the car in the drive and step on the throttle. The idea behind this analogy is that all parts of the system work together in unison to achieve the same result. Each piece has a specific event that contributes to the overall plan.

This is the first step when a project looks holistically; Understand what parts go where and why but also try to improve them so that the whole machine run more efficiently. The key to understanding is to gather information. The key to gathering information is to ask questions and develop relationships between pieces of information.

This makes sense to take note of the appearance of people. People have needs, and if these needs are not met, may not work as effectively as necessary. It may be useful to think about the appearance of people as a system that works in a system. The same principles are applicable in this case, especially in case the teamwork required to do a job.

Flexibility is also a key element of good project management. The understanding that things do not always go according to plan will benefit you greatly. Sometimes, surprises appear and you have to react. Rigid will not give you the skills needed to withstand storms and that can occur.

These are some of the key elements in managing a systematic project. Once the system is in place, maintenance is all that is in order. As a car, you must change the oil often, continue to fill with gas tires and change and batteries every two years.