Reduce stress and find the joy of the holidays!

Is anyone willing to be honest about the holiday season? They make us believe that vacations are a perfect type of “Disney’s Wonderland” with peace, music, angels and family perfect moments full of singing and dancing. The fact is that vacations are stressful and it is a miracle that they survived. What is the password? How to reduce stress and find joy?

In order to survive and actually thrive in stressful holiday situations, you can try out with a preparation and an attitude adjustment. We are scheduled that vacations should be perfect instead of “only” for our own family. We weave together a holiday survival plan and see if there can be a “just” holiday for your family.

My survival plan means “happiness.”



To play

I presented






Harmony is not only for Christmas songs, it is to remember the spirit of the season and give and receive pleasure. Finding a balance that works for you emotionally and physically is the key to finding your joy, your peace and happiness at these holidays.

The fun is underrated. We have to laugh; It is good for our spirit. Do something for you this holiday that brings you (and only you) a joy. The “something” should push your usual “nonsense meter” or be a simple indulgence that satisfies you. Go see a funny movie in the morning; Anyway, you tickle your imagination. Take a trip on foot in the shops you’ve always wondered, people watch, stop at an animal store and play with the puppies. Plan a mid-week treatment such as a massage or pedicure or join this kind of well-being that you’ve always wanted to try.

The game is a wonderful thing. Why do we forget to play with age? Take a hold of the younger generation’s file to remind us to let go, play, enjoy and meet our inner child. Yes, we are a company that focuses on all foods (and no, I’m not saying we abandon these traditional dinners), but what it suggests is that it adds some playing time later or before. This is what I did a year to help create memories for the party of my husband’s family celebrations. Consider doing all or part of the following:

Or the first day everyone was there, we had a warm and casual dinner full of warmth. Then they were grouped (with hot chocolate in hand) and visited our local zoo. Everything was illuminated; Ice sculptures everywhere; The buildings were open to duck in heat and on the animals. We ended the night with a group photo of everyone with Santa.