Remuneration for vacation problems – FAQ

Holiday claim lawyers are often contacted by tourists who have complaints about their tour operators or their airlines.

If the government of exchange travel advice UK

“My plane is still flying, although the Foreign and Commonwealth Ministry has shifted its advice to” all non-essential travel “travel to my holiday destination, but I am worried about travel due to the situation in this country. Can I cancel, can I get a refund? ”

You will need to carefully check your individual policy so your travel insurance will cover you in such circumstances, but all policies are different. It is worth checking the conditions of transport of the airline if they offer provisions in situations of this nature.

You may have difficulty pleading for a refund or breach of contract if you decide not to fly, if you have booked a flight regardless of your accommodation and your airline is ready and able to take you to your destination.

Your travel agent might be responsible for the consequences because the risk of injury or injury may not be unforeseeable or unavoidable if they insist that you see or face contractual cancellation penalties. They would also be responsible for providing quick assistance if you have problems.