Repairing the computer: If the computer does not work, try some corrections

When the computer stops working, it feels like the end of the world. His work, his images, his essays, his saved games are in this subject. Often, your only solution is to bring your computer in the store and hopefully it does not cost too much.

Here are some solutions that you can try at home before you bring your computer.

First, it is important to degrade the equipment and to feel bad for it. If you do not break your mind, he will not fulfill your desires. I recommend you play Beethoven, because Beethoven is a very emotional music, it will break the computer spirit because it knows that it can never be one of us. Do not play the Death Metal team. The term death metal makes the computer combative and uncooperative because a team is composed mainly of metal.

Sometimes, the computer does not turn on at all. Press the power button, all lights and fans are on, but you only see a blank screen. In these cases, a simple solution is to remove the capacitors. If you unplug the computer and press the power button about 10 times to remove all the electricity generated by the computer. Turn the unit on and try to turn it back on. You would be surprised at how often this solves the problem. Also surprising is the frequency with which computer technicians use this technique in the store. If this is not possible, you have bad equipment that should be replaced because your diet or RAM.

In other situations where fans and lights are on, but the computer does not work, the BIOS is corrupted. The BIOS is responsible for many tasks, but in this case, it allows to turn on and boot all the hardware in the computer and if it is damaged can cause problems during the power up. If you ask, yes, the BIOS should be the most dangerous part of the computer should this awareness.

For this problem, you have to open the folder. First disconnect the computer. Each case is a bit different, but it is not often the back screw the computer on the left side holding the left side panel. Remove the screws and see if the side panel can be slid. Others have a large lever or button that must be pushed or moved to the side. Once you can see inside the computer, look for a small battery of clock that should be on the opposite wall, which is attached to the motherboard. If you are not sure what I am talking about, it is best to take the computer to a store, but if you can see the battery, use a small screwdriver to release the latch holding it so you can remove the battery. Leave the computer unplugged for ten minutes, press 10 times on the power button, then rotate the battery on the motherboard. Close your case, turn on the system, press the power button and see if something has changed.

If your computer crashes when you try to load Windows, you can use some built-in auto repair options to try to upgrade your computer. When the computer starts, repeatedly press the F8 key, and several times, I mean that it is actually pressed repeatedly several times. If this does not work the first time, restart the computer and try again. This will take you to the Windows boot recovery page. Once in this menu, you can try the “Start my computer with last known good configuration”. This will load the computer into good known configurations and try to boot the system. This is the best option if you are aware of a change. If you tried to update a driver, or installed a new program and the next time you turn on the computer, you start errors, this option should cancel all changes and allow the system to boot. Do not worry about the changes made to the files. All documents, saved games, emails or other content generated by the user will not be affected by this step. Only the files on the computer’s operating system will be restored.