Risk of travel management and foreseeable risk

As for the expected risk, predictability and risk management of travel is that all lights, human resources and the director must know. In this article, we cover foreseeable risks, predictability, hazard identification and risk assessment related to travel in order to mitigate or eliminate the risk of displacement and to meet corporate social objectives and legal obligations. By reading this article you can confirm the true meaning of foreseeable risk with regard to risk management of travel and determine if you and your company really have a proven travel risk management system that meets your social and legal goals.

The first point is to clarify the legal definition of predictable risk.

Foreseeable risk and definition preview
Predictable risk is defined as a hazard, a hazard or threat that a reasonable person must anticipate because of their actions. The foreseeable risk is a common affirmative defense system in response by defendants in malpractice suits. A skater makes a bump in the road, fell and broke his wrist. This is a predictable skate risk. A woman was seriously injured when flying in a plane when the plane descends abruptly due to turbulence and hits her head in the trunk. Although there is a potential risk, that he was entitled to expect the aircraft to be properly maintained, the pilot knew that the time was approaching and did not present the risk of failure of the seat belt. Signs that warn “use at your own risk” does not block judgment for risks that are not predictable.

Predictability is the ability to perceive, know in advance or reasonably anticipate that the damage or injury likely to result from acts or omissions.

In the law of negligence, the aspect of predictability of the immediate cause – the event that is the main cause of injury – Proof is established that the actor as a person of ordinary intelligence and circumspection would reasonably have foreseen that his negligence The act would endanger others, either because of the fact that something similar occurred or occurred, regardless of what the actor has understood would happen in regards to the actual event or how to cause injury.