So what does the road really know about fashion?

Fashion is very attractive, a little elusive and evolving. It has a mysterious power to create a social statement or even to transform the image of a person. defines the mode as follows:

O The costume or the current style, as in behavior or clothing.
Something O (such as clothing) is considered to belong to the current mode.
Or the function or style of the social elite.

For most people, fashion is a method they use for hair, accessories and clothing to hide or highlight something about them. For others, it can be an art form. And for some, it’s almost a religion. In addition, the mode can be used to hide the true being, but it can also be used to express oneself.

What does it look like?

In fashion, designers are the main influencing factors. Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Miuccia Prada are some classic style (Prada) remixed guitars or Jacobs inspired styles.

Usually, there is a cycle that follows the fashion for the next season:

O From approximately 5-6 months, the press, people will begin to attend various fashion shows to see the collections of the designers. Then the media will give editorial coverage to talk about trends they believe their readers will love.

O shop buyers are also preparing several months ahead of the season to order from manufacturers. Of course, they put on the clothes and accessories that customers would probably buy.

Opinion leaders (such as high society) and celebrities are generally the first to use the new trends, which will allow the public to accept.

But ultimately, only consumers like you decide what is “in” – will determine if the majority of the population chose to buy into the trend.

In today’s world, there are only three major centers for manufacturers and designers of accessories and fashion clothing: Milan, Paris and New York. Although you can find excellent in Sao Paulo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Toronto, Los Angeles and London.

Why should you worry?

You might wonder why the clothes that are seen in fashion shows sometimes appear as exaggerations, but this is done only for commercial and artistic purposes. The elements that represent the original document will be transformed into more acceptable coins before arriving at the store.

Experts say that the healthy way to approach fashion is to pay attention to small doses. Just make sure the wardrobe according to the last few hours, or you can even send a new trend or two each season.