How to show joy during the holidays, leaving expectations

Buy in the large holiday area

Parties can be stressful, but most are self-inflicted. The greatest stress comes from the expectations we unconsciously deal with each other and the holiday season. We want to think that we are smarter than this, but our corporate culture managed to make us feel that everything lacks a complete scene of the children’s seal with pink hair, wonderful food and much restrained solidarity vacation failure. This is the setting in Big. Billions of dollars and very creative minds have carefully cultivated these expectations, so we are attractive. But unless you know you bought it, you could be in another holiday season highlighted by the rush, excessive spending, and in the end a secret relief that’s over. There is no way to spend the holidays!

Here is a warning sign that you bought on the menu WITH BIG PARTY without realizing it: a slight feeling of fear for the next vacation. You might even think this is normal. But is not. If you really think about it, why holiday in case it is a chore?

If the season is such a hassle, I bought the establishment. Watch your expectations on the holidays. If you are very honest, you might look like this: “Our family should be all together for the holidays that should do everything possible for the holidays that would be surrounded by their family and friends during the holidays I should be … someone special For parties.I should make homemade food as my mother did for the holidays.It should feel like during the holidays.You can have some variations on these items.Are they realistic? If expectations are not challenged then you can spend the season with An impressive sense of lacking something, or you can try to make sure expectations are realized.we sometimes succeed, sometimes fail.but the pressure can be huge.

The “must” kill to cheer your holiday?

Each of the above statements contains the word “should”. There is no quicker way to kill the joy of using the word should. Eckhart Tolle says that the joy comes from you and that ends in the activity that realizes. When a “must” statement is used, the process is reversed and, assuming that if you do a certain scenario, you will feel welcomed. But joy is doing, and if you press it and multitask, while you make your pies, you will pass the joy. If you try the bar in search of a beautiful date for the Christmas party of the company, then you will pass the joy of meeting people. Joy is in the process, not the result. You may feel relieved and proud to make cakes, but happy? You are probably already on the next task. If you do not feel the joy during the holidays, you are probably too focused on your needs, not open to the joy of the moment.